Beyond The Blast

While photographing local wildlife and hiking past abnormally large rock pillars off my usual path, I felt a massive shockwave and lost consciousness. When I came to, I was intact, and so was my camera. However, the terrain, the sky, and wildlife had changed in unusual ways. Most of the city structures were gone, and the plant life had taken over. I was somehow catapulted, from what I could surmise, was approximately 10,000 years into the future. I am Beyond the Blast.

The first walk around

Wildlife and plants had changed, and what I can only describe as morphed. I could recognize similarities in some of the creatures, but others were almost magical-like. All of them were transformed by the Blast, and their DNA was altered. Some were even transdimensional and seemed to move in and out at will.

The creatures all had a purpose, some to guide, some to warn of possible danger. Some just living their lives.

The clarity and colors were beautiful. No pollution remained, and the Earth has purified again. Modern humankind (the 21st century) has never seen anything like this! I snapped pictures of every creature that I saw.

There were wingless birds that still flew. This was truly amazing to see and experience.

Things were becoming more strange and unusual as I walked along.

Some creatures had picked up traits from some of the previous creatures. This was a horse-like creature that ate insects!

It was difficult to try to even photograph at times, I just could not look away! I was mesmerized! The real seemed unreal, but there it was right in front of me!

It was like living on Pandora. Every creature was living in harmony with each other.

It was sensory overload!
Like many civilizations before us rose and fell by their own demise, It was time to start over again and I am a witness to this new beginning!

Another Shockwave came. I was placed back exactly where I had been. Did I see into the future? It was real! It already happened, just not in our time...Yet! This is my photography of Beyond the Blast!

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Where do we go from here: The beginning, the start.

I am not playing games here, or am I?

I would love to To confer, converse, and otherwise hob-nob with my brother wizards on this project.